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Small 22 yo female; website designer and developer.
I decided to build this project for my portfolio as a live link project.
Below are the following fibromyalgia symptoms that I treat with THC and CBD.


Sweet-tasting indica's are the best for treating my nausea.

Chronic PAin

I suffer from chronic bone, muscle, and nerve pain all around the body.


I love Blue Dream when I'm depressed because it lifts my spirits and makes me giggly.


Strains like Pink Kush and Pink Anxiety bring my anxiety and stress levels down. I have suffered from chronic stress for most of my life.

Lack of Appetite

I have disordered eating and negative thoughts about my body, which lead me to refuse to eat. Cannabis helps bring my appetite back into existence.

Disturbed Sleep

I have a lot of trouble falling and staying asleep. I rely on sleep meds and heavy indica strains.

Muscle Twitching/ ReSTLESS Legs

These twitches reside in my legs and arms, with some spasms in my back. I also have restless legs most nights.

Chronic Fatigue

I regularly use sativa strains to keep myself awake.

Learn about special strains I use for my fibromyalgia.

About Cannabis

Let's learn a little bit about cannabis!



Terpenes are responsible for the smell of specific strains of cannabis and work with cannabinoids (the THC and CBD) to enhance or diminish their effects. Some relevant terpenes include myrcene, limonene, pinene, linalool, caryophyllene, and humulene.

Humans have what is called a cannabinoid system within their bodies which respond to cannabinoids that stick to the receptors. These cannabinoids are responsible for the effects of certain cannabis strains and include THC and CBD. CBN is also an important cannabinoid for pain reduction.

Learn more about terpenes
Learn more about the endocannabinoid system

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